Exploration and discovery of untouched wilderness areas that have never seen a human foot print.

Organizing trips into deep wilderness locations is what we do for fun.

Only highly skilled guides who have extensive experience in off trail remote locations can offer this type of wilderness excursion and trip support. This service is for people seeking wilderness experiences away from the well trodden and popular backcountry locals- these are places where very few or no people have been. Locations are chosen in consultation with each client and group who have specific priorities such as:

  • Wildlife and landscape photography
  • Open air painting and writing retreats
  • Corporate group retreats
  • The study and research of threatened and endangered species.
  • Spring and fall bird migrations.
  • Remote wilderness lakes teeming with wild and stocked trout.
  • Remote summit ascents and high alpine exploration.

Trips may involve ground base access such as foot, snowmobile or 4wd vehicle or helicopter and float plane charters. We supply all logistical support, equipment, risk management, guiding and meal catering.

*We do not provide fishing or hunting guiding services but can provide logistical, camp equipment and risk management support for your remote fly fishing and hunting experience.